Questions about Tax Relief

Q - Can I claim Income Tax Relief?

A- Yes. Income Tax Relief is available to HCIL clients and family members as their top rate of tax, subject to conditions (please contact for further information). You may be eligible to receive tax relief of up to 40% of the cost of HCIL services.

It is possible to claim income tax relief as part of your tax credits and to receive this benefit as part of your weekly or monthly salary.

PLEASE NOTE: Any changes in circumstances must be reported to immediately.

Q - Can more than one person contribute to the cost of HCIL services?

A- Yes, more than one person can contribute

Q - Can more than one person claim Income Tax Relief?

A- Yes, where there is more than one person paying the care costs, the Income Tax Relief may be divided between the contributor's, pro-rota to their contributions.

Q - Who can claim?

A- You (the client), your spouse or a family member. "A family member" is defined as a relation by marriage or a person for whom the claimant is, or was, the legal guardian (your children).

Q - How do I claim?

A- You need to complete form HK1 'Claim for an allowance for employing a Carer/Personal Assistant' and submit to the Inspector of Taxes in your local area.

This form is attached to the IT 47 'Employed Person Taking Care of an Incapacitated Individual'. Individuals need to satisfy themselves on their ability to claim tax relief.

Q - Do I pay VAT on HCIL Services?

A- No. The services offered by HCIL are VAT exempt.