Do you, or a family member need support with care at home? Let our HCIL family take care of your family.

If you live in Northern Ireland:

If you or a family member want to access home care services, you should contact your GP in the first instance.

A district nurse or a social worker from the Health Trust in your area will then visit your home and use the Northern Ireland Single Assessment Tool (NISAT), to determine your eligibility for care, the level and frequency of the support that you may need. You can learn more about the assessment process by asking your GP for information leaflets.

The Trust will contact you with their decision regarding a package of care. If you qualify for care at home, there are several options available to you.

- The Trust may appoint their own internal care team to manage your package of care.

- The Trust may advise that you are entitled to a package of care delivered by an external provider. You can then request  HCIL as your preferred provider.

- Direct Payment: The trust may ask if you are interested in direct payments. where they will pay you directly to source a provider based on the allocated care package. You can then contact HCIL to retain us as your provider. We can manage this entire process for you in terms of the package and the service, you won't need to worry about anything.

Supplementary Care

If you qualify for care at home but would like to supplement the care package you have been allocated through the Trust or other providers, HCIL can help you - we can provide additional care and support services.

Are you satisfied with the Care you are receiving?

If you are receiving home care services from another provider and are unhappy with the service and support you are receiving, you may be able to change providers to HCIL. 

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