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Multi Award-Winning Provider of Care Solutions and Housing


With Over 25 Years of Experience and Expertise


1200 Staff and Ten Locations across Ireland and the Middle East


Homecare Independent Living (HCIL) the award winning, progressive leader in health, housing and social care solutions is delighted to extend its range of professional services to the UAE.


Royal Homecare has opened its doors and moved a professional, senior team of to Dubai to deliver Homecare & Healthcare services, working closely with our Partner H.E Sultan Essa Al Matrooshi.


Royal Homecare will initially offer a range of professional nurse-led services and over the next 12 months will further develop and expand the HCIL offering in the UAE.


It’s a very exciting time to be part of the HCIL journey.

Services We Provide

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Private Care:

We offer a range of home care services, so you can be cared for when your most comfortable and at ease in your own home. Our qualifies nurses are available in blocks of 6, 12 or 24 hours, however timings are flexible. Their services can be employed weekly, monthly or on a long-term basis.

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Childcare & Maternity:

All Royal Homecare Nurses are trained in basic life support and First Aid. We pride ourselves in offering professional and reliable childcare for children of all ages. The welfare and safety of your child is of utmost importance to us. Services include all elements of pre and post-natal care for both mother and baby including monitoring of C-section wounds, monitoring mother and baby wellbeing, and babysitting services. With the right experience, knowledge, support and guidance required to establish and maintain a good routine at the early stages of parenthood.

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Dementia & Mental Health:

All dementia and mental health care would be assessed, and a care package provided specifically to address the physical and psychological needs of the patient. Aimed at encouraging personal independence, encouraging engagement and social interaction whilst always considering patient safety and wellbeing. Monitoring of conditions would occur daily and documented to ensure that families are always up to date with care plans and activities. Services include all elements of personal care as deemed necessary when assessed by our highly qualified medical team, while also encouraging holistic care.

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Elderly Care:

Royal Homecare Dubai understand the need for support when nursing elderly family members. Our qualified nurses are at hand to help with all elements of personal care, assistance with daily activities and all health care requirements as deemed necessary by our medical Director to facilitate a professional nursing service while in your own home. All our nurses will ensure your loved ones are treated with respect and dignity. We consider promotion of personal independence a necessity to maintain quality of life at all stages of care.

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Post Operative:

Extended hospital stays puts financial pressure on families and psychological pressure on the patient. To facilitate early discharge we are able to manage all post-operative care at home Royal Homecare Dubai team will assist with discharge planning, assessment of care needs when discharged and have a nurse present to ensure discharge from hospital runs smoothly, while confident that all healthcare requirements shall be dealt with professionally by our team, tailored specifically to meet the needs of the patient. While at home all medical records will always be confidentially recorded and available to family members to monitor. Healthcare needs will be assessed daily, and any changes implemented as required to ensure that all medical needs are facilitated to promote a healthy recovery.

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Palliative Care

End of life palliative care not only involves the needs of the patient but also of their loved ones and the holistic care of all involved, will be dealt with professionally and with dignity by all Royal Homecare Nurses. Families and their loved ones will be supported through all elements of palliative nursing care, safe in the knowledge that all medical requirements are being continually monitored and assessed by a professional medical team.  Our services will include one to one nursing and monitoring, medication administration, pain relief, ensuring patient comfort, personal care and assistance with daily activities. Psychological and holistic support throughout, leading to a more comfortable quality of life within a home environment.

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